Dunellen Police Department
355 North Avenue, Dunellen NJ 08812 / Phone: 732-968-3000

1)  When should I call or not call 9-1-1?

9-1-1 is for reporting EMERGENCIES ONLY.  Some examples are:

  • For any crime that is in progress or has just occurred.
  • For fires, gas leaks, chemical spills, wires down, smoke conditions etc.
  • For acts that could escalate, such as a drunk driver, a fight or a someone playing with a gun.
  • Whenever someone's life or property are in eminent danger.

9-1-1 should NOT be used to call in NON-EMERGENCY situations such as: 

  • Medical non-emergencies (common Illness)
  • Non-serious crimes that occurred in the past (I.E.  a bicycle was stolen the previous evening)
  • Parking complaints (blocked driveway, too close to a corner)
  • Noise complaints (Barking dogs, loud music)
  • General questions about Police business (How to obtain a copy of a Police report)
  • Other non-emergent issues and you just don't know who to call (Questions about the road closures, events and other assistance).

Dunellen Police Department Non-Emergency Line:    

(732) 968-3000  ext. 0

1) I received a motor vehicle summons, how can I pay the fine?

        Fines can be paid by visiting the Municipal Court Office at 355 North Avenue.  Fines may also be paid by mail or visiting www.njmcdirect.com if a court appearance is not required.  Any questions regarding payment of fines or a court appearance can contact the Municipal Court at (732) 968-3400.

2) How do I obtain a copy of a Police Report?

    Copies of Accident Reports can be obtained here: CrashDocs.Org

    Copies of police reports are available from the Police Department Records Clerk.  To get a copy of a police report you must complete this Records Request form, also available at police headquarters.  You must submit the completed form to the Records Clerk.  You will be contacted when the report is ready for pickup.   Please allow 7 - 10 business days for the report to be ready.  All fees for report copies are explained on the request. Contact the Records Clerk at (732) 968-3000 ext. 210 with any questions regarding records requests.

3) How can I get a temporary handicapped-parking placard?

        You must stop at Police Headquarters and pick up a form that must be completed by you and your doctor.  Return the completed form to the police department with a check or money order (we cannot accept cash) in the amount of $4.00 payable to “Motor Vehicle Services”.  You will be issued a Temporary Handicapped Parking permit that is good for 6 months.  At the end of 6 months it can be renewed for an additional 6 months.  After that you must repeat the process.

4) How can I get a permanent handicapped-parking placard?

        Permanent handicapped parking placards are available through Motor Vehicle Services.  Applications are available at all Motor Vehicle Services offices.  The nearest locations are in Somerville and South Plainfield.  The application form is similar to the temporary form and must be completed by you and your doctor.  The form is then mailed to Motor Vehicle Services with the required fee.  Allow 6-8 weeks for processing.

5) How do I get a Firearms ID Card or a Pistol Purchase Permit?

        Contact the Records Clerk, (732) 968-3000 ext. 210, and schedule an appointment with the Firearms Licensing Officer who will assist you in completing the proper paperwork.